Our Story

In Pre2prO we integrate data and use advanced analytics and machine-learning algorithms to identify patterns, predict outcomes and early detect anomalies.

Experts at the centre

Data analysis & prediction is not just methods. In each project we cooperate with experts in the field to get in the core of the problem and provide tailor-made solutions.

Less is More

Yes it's all about Big Data these days. Yet, information abundance is not a substitute for reason and logic (human and artificial). We don't fish in data.

We think, ask and select. 


How it works


Automation and robotics create gigantic amounts of high-quality, raw data. We merge and analyse data with a series of powerful analytical tools. A Bayesian framework allows for the continuous update and refinement of models and predictions. 


We predict to protect.

  1. Predict: 

    • where and

    • when the risk lies.

  2. Propose risk mitigation strategies.

  3. Identify anomalies fast.

  4. Suggest corrective action.

The New Yorker

"Learning to Love Robots"

by Patricia Marx



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